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My name is Cei(Say) Chung. I am Chief Executive Officer of Noodle Lovers Inc. For more than 23 years, Noodle Lovers has represented Korea as a noodle and noodle sauce specialty company. We develop, manufacture and sell our noodle and sauce-based products along the motto of ‘creating a healthy, affluent noodle cuisine, rich noodle culture.’ Our growth is thanks to the hard efforts of our staff, and the heartwarming support and encouragement from our customers.

I believe that food must be, above all, delicious and healthy. Commercializing noodle cuisine is about more than just creating high-nutrition and good taste. It is about studying the world-wide representation of noodles and noodle cuisine, their historical origin, cultural backgrounds, traditional recipes, unique flavors, and form over time. I truly believe in Noodle Lovers Inc’s mission to introduce and lead customers to discover delicious and varied noodle cuisine.

Cei(say) Chung CEO,
Noodle Lovers Inc.

Our core ability is to allow our customers to experience and enjoy all kinds of delicious and authentic noodle cuisine.

Customers can find a wealth of information on noodles at the Noodle Lovers’ official website; noodle cuisine recipes, noodle culture, science, facts and information, how-to-cook guides, noodle trends, and popular noodle restaurants are gathered here in one place to cure your noodle-related curiosity!

We update content regularly, and consistently develop the site’s ‘Participation Space’ to hear the voices of our valued customers.

We thank all noodle lovers for their warm interest and support, and look forward to continually expanding our world of noodles with you!

Cei(say) Chung CEO, Noodle Lovers Inc.