Think with Heart


We dream and we think with heart!

Noodle Lovers Inc. has been a representative Korean noodle brand for 24 years. Our belief is to create a healthy, convenient, and rich noodle (diet)culture and lifestyle. We focus solely on the development, manufacturing and sales of noodles and noodle sauces.

As a major Korean noodle and noodle sauce specialty company, we dream of a rich and full dining table for you and your family! For this reason, we have introduced a variety of premium level family-use noodle products and noodle and sauce products to the domestic distribution market. We have commercialized high-quality noodles, allowing customers to cook noodles from all over the world in their very own homes.

We aim to provide the fantastic authentic taste of noodles to all customers in their homes, restaurants, and elsewhere, promoting noodle dishes as a healthy diet.


We are sincere about our mission.

We stick to strict manufacturing principles, in order to insure that only the freshest food ingredients from only the best regions are produced in our factory

We put our all efforts into creating products for our customers, including our handmade fermented dongchimi (water-based radish kimchi), hand simmered katsuo, and more.