Noodle Lovers is a major Korean noodle brand, overseeing all areas of business, from developing and the manufacturing noodles and noodle sauces, to product planning, the marketing and selling of our products to major restaurants and food service restaurant outlets

In addition, we are fostering noodle cuisine in Korea: manufacturing both ODM and OEM, including both B2B and B2C, via various sales activities.

Noodle Lovers Products / Under our own Brand

Noodle Lovers Inc. studies, develops, manufactures, and sells more than 250 kinds of noodle related products. Restaurants and food service outlet customers may select the noodle and noodle sauce products best suited to their cooking nvironment.

Imported Goods

Noodle Lovers Inc. also sells directly imported European pasta & sauce ingredients, well-known world-wide Brands for their taste and quality.(about 10 Brands, 40 items)

ODM : OTTOGI Noodle Lovers chilled noodles

Noodle Lovers has held an MOU with OTTOGI Corporation, for the sale of Noodle Lovers chilled noodles via OTTOGI Corporation’s distribution network, since 2004. By committing ourselves to product development and manufacturing, we are able to satisfy customers high-demanding tastes and provide high-quality products(about 100 items) domestically.

  • PB product

    Noodle Lovers’ premium quality noodle cuisine are made possible through a combination of our technique and know-how, and exclusive business agreements with about 50 selected brands.

  • OEM : OTTOGI Yetnal Guksu (Traditional Noodles)

    Leading facilities and strict hygiene and safety systems allow us to produce truly trustworthy products(about 20 different items).