Noodle Lovers Market

The customers below all use and enjoy Noodle Lovers products.

Customers may enjoy premium noodles and noodle sauces from Noodle Lovers in many places.

Food Service Market

  • Restaurants, food service outlets, grocery stores

    Restaurant customers may choose noodles and sauces depending on their cooking needs. Types of noodles include dried, uncooked, naengmyeon/jjolmyeon, frozen/cold storage noodles, Types of sauce include diluted and pure.)

  • Dining Franchises

    From a marketing perspective, we develop competitive noodles and sauces alongside well-known chefs and industry experts, maintaining partnerships also with large domestic franchises.

  • Lunch Meals, Catering

    All of our products are authorized by HACCP, insuring clean and safe meals. We take special care also with our school meals, monitoring DHA, calcium, and products containing high salt content, for children’s nutrition and health.

  • Expressway Rest Stops

    Customers may also find Noodle Lovers’ noodles and sauces at popular expressway rest stops in Korea.

Consumer Distribution Market

  • Hyper Markets, Supermarkets

    Noodle Lover’s products can be found at many domestic department stores and hyper supers.

  • Overseas Exports

    Delivery of our noodles to the U.S, North, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and more, first began in 2004.

Noodle Lovers Global Market