One vision for noodles and noodle sauces

We traveled far and wide throughout Korea to creative a healthy, convenient, and rich noodle culture. A place under the mountains of Jincheon, with its clear water and clean air, was decided as our manufacturing location.

We are proud of our comprehensive factory, producing a vast range of noodles, including frozen noodles, chilled noodles, fresh noodles, dried noodles, noodle sauces, and soups.


Selecting high-quality food resources, for high-quality products

We make great efforts to select only the highest quality ingredients to insure high-quality end products. Our philosophy is to remain committed to only the best food resources.

We make our noodles with only the best flour, and our sauces use clear, bedrock water extracted from more than 150m below the water surface.


Adding sincerity as a vital ingredient for good quanlity

Our aim is to create the best flavors for our customers, using carefully selected food resources. Our dough is made perfectly smoothly, with top of the range flour and clear water, aged, and made into noodles with a rolling pin. This ‘water aging’ method insures moist, soft, and chewy noodles.

We dry our noodles in sea-breeze like conditions to insure their quality, and our sauces encapsulate the taste of nature. We also make our own radish water kimchi, and use our own homemade katsuo.


Trust food created in a clean, exclusive, sole manufacturing environmental site

Noodle Lovers Jincheon factory has been officially recognized as a leading factory, with top range facilities and a thorough sanitation safety management system. It was selected as an ‘excellent firm for vironmental preservation’ on 19th March, 2008 by the Jincheon-gun council in Korea’s Chungbuk province. All products manufactured in the Noodle Lovers Jincheon factory are clean and safe, with an international level of sanitary production and quality assurance. All products are HACCP certified.


Safe and sanitary delivery, on time, in the right place, and in optimal conditions

Our Cold Chain system maintains optimal temperatures and standardized products all day, every day. Our products are delivered throughout Korea at this standardized temperature. We believe that our customers’ confidence in our ability lies in the knowledge that we maintain only the best safety and sanitation levels, from production until delivery.


Continuous research and study, for an ever-improving products.

We are committed to studying ever-changing global noodle culture, in order to monitor noodle-eating trends and our customers’ tastes. We offer customized noodles and sauces, in order to diversify our offerings in line with the latest noodle trends. We also cooperate with expert chefs and research institutes.


Korean noodle dishes go Global

We strive to introduce Korea’s many noodle-based dishes to countries abroad, including Japan, Chine, and Italy. We are more than just a noodle manufacturer! We aim to help our customers experience the true taste of Korean noodles, and understand Korea’s unique noodle culture, as well as enjoying delicious food.

We began sales of our products on the west coast of America in April, 2004. Annual sales of our products in overseas markets now amount to approximately $1 million. We also captured the hearts of Japanese consumers in 2008 with the launch of our Nangmyeon.

To this day, our products are receiving much interest in the supermarkets of Kanto, and barbecue restaurants in Japan. We aim to become a leading figure in the noodle cuisine market, introducing products in countries around the world.